North West provided with an extra 300 million litres of water as heatwave threatens supplies

New Brighton Heatwave. Credit: Sefik Akkurt

A North West water company has had to supply the North West with millions of litres of extra water as the heatwave continues to bake the country.

United Utilities has said it had to put an extra 300 million litres into its system over the past week.

This is because water demand is 15% higher than usual as the heatwave continues to grip the country.

United Utilities also warm that due to high demand during the heatwave, pressure may drop at peak times such as the mornings and evenings.

The heatwave is expected to last at least another week and forecasters suggest that we could be in for another MONTH of hot weather.

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The Met Office monthly outlook predicts ‘a good deal of dry and settled weather across many parts of the UK through much of July with very warm or hot temperatures likely at times.’

United Utilities suggest customers reuse water, turn taps off while brushing teeth and think twice before turning on the garden hose before 9pm, to ease pressure on the water systems.

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