How to keep your pets safe during the heatwave


The UK is currently experiencing a very warm heatwave and has seen some of the hottest weather of 2018.

With the high temperatures comes a risk of pets overheating or dehydrating, here’s some tips to keep your pets cool and safe.

How can I keep my pets safe in the heat ?

Always leave fresh water out or take water with you with a portable bowl to avoid dehydration.

Never leave pet in a car or anywhere where heat can build such as the car – The temperature inside a vehicle can soar to 47C within an hour when the outside temperature is just 22C

Take dogs for walks during lower temperatures such as the evening, when it feels cooler but it’s still light to stay safe.

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Allow pet to walk in grass rather than a hot pavement that can damage your pets paws.

Keep an eye out for heat stroke – excessive panting, heavy salivation, rapid pulse, very red gums and tongue, lethargy, being unable to get up after collapsing, vomiting, diarrhoea.

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