Merseyside basks in the heatwave with sizzling temperatures set to continue, but for how long ?

As the new week arrives the UK will experience heatwave conditions bringing potential high temperatures of 25-30C.

The scorching weather will be thanks to high pressure sitting above the country, allowing warmer air from Europe to send temperatures rocketing.

Monday was confirmed as the hottest day of the year so far in the UK as 30.1C was recorded in London.

And theres more to come as Tuesday and Wednesday will see the hottest of the weather when some areas could see the mercury reach well above 30C.

READ MORE: Merseyside to enjoy a week of scorching weather as heatwave to send temperatures soaring

Chief Meteorologist, Frank Saunders said, “As warmer air from the continent moves towards the UK from Wednesday, temperatures will climb into the mid to high 20s quite widely, even in parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“By this stage, some places in England and Wales will very likely top 30 Celsius – it’s not unlikely somewhere could reach 32 Celsius.

“With almost wall-to-wall sunshine we’ll certainly be looking at conditions which many of us would call a heatwave.”

How long ?

The heatwave conditions are expected to last right through the week and into early July.

However, as the first week of July progresses there could be a dramatic breakdown of th weather as thunderstorm push towards merseyside from the south.

Although the wetter and more unsettled weather temperatures will still be warm, although not as warm as this week.

The Met Office say: “During the first week of July there is an increasing chance of cloud and outbreaks of rain along with stronger winds in northwestern parts of the UK whilst there may be showers or thunderstorms elesewhere which will push in from the south.

“During this first week of July it is expected to be cooler in the far northwest and elsewhere temperatures are also likely to gradually decline but remain above average.”

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