Merseyside bakes in its hottest day of 2018 as ‘blowtorch weather’ grips the U.K. – and it’s going to get hotter

Merseyside baked in its hottest day of 2018, temperatures reached 29.3C across the region.

It was also the hottest day of the year for the whole of the U.K. as temperatures reached a melting 30.6C in North Wales.

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And there’s good news, the scorching weather is set to continue into next week.

Temperatures will peak on Wednesday with 30C possible across most of the country and could mean even hotter temperatures.

July will get off to a blazing start with the sunshine and warm weather set to continue.

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Although as the new month arrives it feel cooler than recently.

The Met Office say: “Dry and sunny weather continuing throughout with another hot day on Thursday.

“Perhaps becoming a little cooler on Friday and Saturday and often cooler around coasts.”

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