Merseyside warned of hey fever hell as pollen bomb hits the region which could last several weeks

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It has been bad news for hey fever sufferers this week as high pollen levels have gripped the country.

What is being described as a ‘pollen bomb’ has sent pollen levels soaring across Merseyside.

This is because cold temperatures gripped the UK for longer than normal during winter and because plants cant pollinate during winter, it has lead them to blossoming at the same time during the warmer weather.

And it wont be over anytime soon, forecasters expect that levels will continue to be high for at least another three weeks and could even last several weeks say experts.

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Chief palynologist and pollen forecaster Beverley Adams-Groom, from the University of Worcester, told BBC Breakfast: We’ve had a perfect combination of weather to produce very high pollen counts, particularly grass pollen which affects about 95 per cent of hay fever sufferers.

“I think we have several weeks yet of it, and possibly more.

“If we get a rainy spell that will set the season back a little bit, so it will last for longer because the grasses will pause and then come back again.

If we get a lot of hot weather they will be exhausted quickly, but we are still looking at at least another three weeks.”

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