Things to spot in the night sky over Merseyside through June


This month there is plenty to spot in the night skies over Merseyside if it’s a clear night.

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Jupiter has really good visibility this month and will be shining bright in the sky all night.

It will start to rise around 6:42pm and will start to set during sunrise, so it will gradually fade from the sky.

A clear night and a telescope will give stunning views of the gas giant through June and is best seen in the late evening.



Mars will be visible from around 1am and can bee seen for about 3 hours before sunrise.

Mars will be at its highest point around 5:02am and there will be ‘Good visibility’ of the red planet.



Saturn will be visible for the most of the night and will have perfect viewing opportunities.

The ringed planet is best viewed in the early morning hours until sunrise and will be at its highest point in the sky around 3am



Venus is not visible all night, so there will be a small window of opportunity to spot it.

The best chances of seeing the planet will be the hours just after sunrise.

The planet will begin to set around midnight so will not be visible after this.



Date Visible Max Height Appears Disappears Share Event
Fri Jun 1, 10:56 PM 5 min 28° 11° above W 15° above SSE   
Sat Jun 2, 10:08 PM 1 min 22° 22° above SE 10° above SE   
Sat Jun 2, 11:41 PM 2 min 12° 10° above WSW 11° above SSW   
Sun Jun 3, 10:48 PM 4 min 18° 10° above WSW 11° above S   
Tue Jun 5, 10:41 PM 1 min 10° 10° above SW 10° above SW   

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