Merseyside forecast to be HOTTER than Majorca today but there’s bad news for hey fever sufferers


Some areas of Merseyside will be hotter than parts of the Balearic islands today.

Temperatures in parts of our region will hit 20C-22C putting the Spanish island of Majorca in the shade.

Majorca will only manage to creep up to 18C as they spend the day under a blanket of cloud.

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Skies will remain clear all day on Merseyside making it perfect weather for the beach.

With today’s warm weather comes high pollen levels, which is bad news for hey fever sufferers.

The Met Office pollen forecast says that pollen levels will be VERY HIGH throughout the region.

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But back to the good news, Merseyside is in for a week of glorious weather as the warm temperatures will continue into the new week.

Temperatures will average around 20C all week with plenty of sunshine, although there will be a threat of some thunderstorms at times.

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