Frightening footage shows a tornado tearing through a Merseyside field

This footage shows an actual tornado tearing through a field on Merseyside.

The astonishing video was filmed by Peter Acko in Kirkby as the tornado picks up derbis and hurls it across the field.

It was one of many sightings that were reported on social media yesterday of funnel clouds.

But it seems this funnel cloud actually touched down, luckily not near any residential areas.

The extreme weather formed as Merseyside was put on yellow weather warnings for thunderstorms and torrential rain.

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The Met Office have since confirmed that the ‘tornado’ was actually a dust devil and pointed out that they are harmless.

The Met Office said:  “They are usually harmless, but are comparable to tornadoes in that
both involve a vertical column of rotating air, however tornadoes are much larger.”

A funnel cloud is a funnel-shaped cloud of condensed water droplets, associated with a rotating column of wind, but not reaching the ground or a water surface.

They are most frequently in association with supercell thunderstorm and are only classed as a tornado if they reach the ground.

It is claimed that the UK gets more tornadoes per square kilometre than the USA, but not more tornadoes in total.

On average, around 30 tornadoes are reported each year in the UK, although these are generally much weaker than their American counterparts.

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