Stunning flower moon set to rise over Merseyside TONIGHT


The flower moon will rise over Merseyside tonight, marking the sixth full moon of the year.

It also marks the changing of seasons as the flower moon promises the arrival of springtime.

The moon will rise over the UK at 9:06pm and will be visible across Merseyside IF SKIES CLEAR.

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It is known as ‘Flower Moon’ as the May moon marks a time of increasing fertility when temperatures are warm enough for plants to bloom while signalling an end to late frosts.

Unfortunately skies will be cloudy tonight which may mean you won’t have much of a chance of spotting the moon on Merseyside.

The Met Office say: “Showers at first will ease through the evening, but it will remain cloudy.

“Low cloud will blanket the Pennines and fells of the Lake District with some drizzly rain here. It will remain warm and humid overnight”.

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