Wirral RNLI teams rescue FOUR stranded people trapped by mud and water on Wirral beach


Hoylake RNLI teams rescued FOUR people cut off by the incoming tide near to Leasowe Island last night.

On arrival teams realised that the four people were stranded on a sandbank surrounded by mud and water and were unable to safely return to shore.

Hoylake Hovercraft managed rescue all four people and take them on-board the on board the hovercraft at around 7:05pm on Monday.

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They were returned safely ashore to awaiting Coastguard Rescue Officers who offered safety advice.

Wirral Coastguard said in a post on facebook: “2 Coastguard Rescue Officers were able to make verbal contact with the family to offer reassurance until the arrival of Hoylake Hovercraft who managed to take all 4 people on board and return them safely to awaiting Coastguard Rescue Officers who offered safety advice.

“If you see someone in trouble on the coast, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard”.

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