Here’s why a submarine was spotted on the River Mersey


A Submarine from the Royal Netherlands Navy was spotted on the River Merey yesterday.

Reader Paul Martin sent us pictures of the non-nuclear sub near the boat he was travelling on at New Brighton.

Although it wasn’t clear why it was there, it was probably in the area for a training exercise, as it is still in operation.

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The HNLMS Zeeleeuw is part of the Walrus-class fleet and is the only submarine class currently in operation in the Royal Netherlands Navy.

They have been in use since 1990 and are all named after sea mammals.

The submarines were in high demand by NATO during the Cold War since they combined a highly skilled crew with a very silent boat.

At that time the majority of NATO submarines were either Nuclear or Brown water subs.

After the cold war, the subs have been tasked for many intelligence gathering operations (still classified) in the Yugoslavian region, Iraq and Caribbean.

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