Things to spot in the night sky over Merseyside through May

Credit: Sefik Akkurt

There’s plenty to spot this month over Merseyside if skies stay clear.

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Meteor Shower


The Eta Aquarid meteor shower is expected to light up skies during the Bank Holiday weekend.

The best time to view it will be during the weekend at twlight hours, which is around 2:50am.



This month gives a perfect look at the biggest planet in our solar system as it is can be seen throughout the month.

The gas giant can be seen all night giving stargazers plenty of opportunity to view it.

The planet rises at approximately 8:30pm and won’t set until around 6am with it being at the highest point in the sky at around 1am.



May will also give Merseyside a great look at Saturn whcih will be visible though most of the night.

The ringed planet will rise around 1am and will peak in the sky around 4am just as daylight approaches.


This month the International Space Station will be visible over Merseyside is skies stay clear.

The best times to see it are listed below, just look out for a fast bright travelling object.


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