How long will the warm weather last on Merseyside ?

Liverpool on the warmest day of the year: CREDIT: @Keliasphotogra1

Merseyside and the rest of the UK basked in the hottest April temperatures in 70 years on Thursday

The warm weather is thanks to hot air from Southern Europe blasting northwards over the UK.

The UK will be one of the hottest parts of Europe this week as the above average temperatures continue, putting the likes of Spain and Italy in the shade.

Will it last ?

The warm conditions are expected to last through Friday and Saturday on Merseyside.

Temperatures will again reach above 20C and with plenty of sunny spells it may actually feel warmer.

Sunday will see the cooler weather return with more cloud and there’s a risk of thundery showers Saturday night into the early hours of Sunday.

The Met Office say: “Areas of mist, fog and low cloud first thing this morning will soon lift and clear, and then it will be dry, warm and sunny day.

“It will be a little cooler on the coast where patchy fog may linger with a maximum temperature of 19 °C

“Any mist and fog will readily clear to leave a dry and sunny morning on Saturday.

“Isolated showers may develop during the afternoon, these possibly heavy and thundery in places by evening. The maximum temperature will be 22 °C”.

“Sunday will be a cooler day with some bright spells but also some showery rain at times.

“Monday and Tuesday will be rather cloudy and breezy, with some rain”.

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