Merseyside expected to bask in the hottest April 19th EVER and there’s more to come


Merseyside and the rest of the UK basked in the hottest temperatures of the year on Wednesday.

In fact its that warm at the moment, temperatures are expected to get higher today and beat any other April 19th before it, which could make it the hottest April 19th ever.

The warm weather is thanks to hot air from Southern Europe blasting northwards over the UK.

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And there’s good news, the warmer weather is set to continue right into the weekend.

Thursday will see even higher temperatures that were recorded on Wednesday, with the south of the UK potentially seeing the mercury hit 28C.

The UK will be one of the hottest parts of Europe this week as the above average temperatures continue, putting the likes of Spain and Italy in the shade.

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Although the weather will be warm throughout Sunday there is a risk of the wet weather returning, as thunderstorms could lead to a thundery breakdown.

The Met Office forecast says: “Mostly sunny for many today. Feeling warm in the sunshine with light winds and temperature above average for April. Maximum temperature 22 °C”.

“Whilst Friday may start a little cloudy, for many it will turn warm and sunny again. However the cloud may linger around coastal areas with a maximum temperature 18 °C”.

“Saturday should be warm and sunny with only a small chance of a shower.

“Some showery rain is then more likely on Sunday, before a breezy, cool and unsettled Monday”.

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