Merseyside to enjoy hottest temperatures of the year as air from the Mediterranean arrives


Merseyside had a chilly start to the Grand National, before the weather warmed up in time for main race day on Saturday.

And there’s good news, temperatures are set to warm up further as we head into the new week as there will be a lack of cloud cover.

By Thursday temps will be on the rise and Merseyside could see the mercury reach over 20C in some areas.

It is highly likely that next week will see the hottest temperatures of the year as air from Spain pushes further north over the UK.

Southern areas of the UK will see even warmer weather that could see parts as warm as Spain and Greece, with temperatures reaching into the mid 20’s.

Sarah Kent, a forecaster at the Met Office said: “Temperatures on Wednesday will again be highest in the south-east. London could see between 20C and 23C.

“And in fact, going further north, places like York could see 18C to 20c. And, even for Glasgow, it could be 17C or 18C on Wednesday.”

She added: “Saturday is likely to be the best day of the coming weekend, with temperatures reaching the mid to high teens in some places.

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