April showers could hit Merseyside with thunder, lightning and heavy rain TODAY – But what are they ?

The Met Office say that Merseyside could see bad weather today, as an area of low pressure tracks across the UK.

This will bring strong winds, heavy rain and the risk of thunder and lightning according to the Met Office.

Known as the April showers, they often bring extreme weather due to temperature changes that usually occur during April.

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At this time of year, the sea temperature around the UK is at its lowest, meanwhile the heating we receive from the Sun is increasing as the Sun rises higher in the sky and daylight hours increase.

This results in warm land temperatures compared with sea temperatures, and so shower clouds develop preferentially over the warmer land.

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The greatest chances of Merseyside seeing the worst of the weather is around 3pm, when the Met office say that there is an 80% chance of heavy rain.

Winds will pick up this evening too, with gusts of up to 40mph expected.

The Met Office say: “There will be some bright spells in places this morning, but heavy showers will develop through the day, possibly with hail and thunder at times.

“Later in the afternoon, more persistent rain and hill snow will push into Cumbria”.

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