Will it snow during Bank Holiday Monday on Merseyside ?


A few days ago forecasters hinted to hill snow falling down to lower levels to Merseyside during Bank Holiday Monday, however, this forecast has now been revised.

Will it snow ?

Merseyside is now expected to see a lot of heavy rain instead of snow through Bank Holiday Monday.

Temperatures will be cold enough for it snow, so there is a chance of parts of the region seeing some wintry weather.

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However, the Met Office are warning that some parts of the UK could see flooding due to large amounts of rainfall and the forecaster has issued weather warnings.

Merseyside is NOT on a weather warning, but can expect a large amount of rain through Monday, which could lead to hazardous driving conditions and some localised flooding.

Temperatures are expected to remain around 3C for most of the day, but with strong winds it will closer to -2C at times.

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The Met Office say: “Heavy rain and mainly hill snow continuing throughout Easter Monday, with some significant accumulations of snow possible over the Pennines.

“Feeling cold with winds also remaining strong. Maximum temperature 10 °C”.

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