How to take the perfect sunset picture


It’s spring and the clocks have gone forward, which means more time to get home from work, grab the camera and head out to take a stunning sunset picture.

But how easy is it to take a really good sunset pic ?. We have some handy tips to help your photograph stand out from the rest.

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To take a very unique picture that stands out from the many smartphone photographers, you need a DSLR.

Powerful digital cameras can do a lot more than the standard iPhone, for example, adapting to lighting conditions and managing the focus is a lot easier with a decent camera.

If you don’t have the funds to get a DSLR, then make the most out of what you have got, such as your phone.

There’s loads of photography apps out there to maximise functions for your smartphone during the photograph and the editing process.


Who said you just have to take a picture of the sun ?

Sometimes a unique perspective can make your picture better than the rest, even if it is taken on a smartphone.

While everyone else is pointing their phones or camera at the sun, why not look for a different angle.

Get low down and take a snap of the object with the sunset in the background, often the breaking waves on the beach in focus with the sunset out of focus make amazing pictures.


Having the time to edit pictures can enhance the impact of your picture.

Bringing out the colours of a sunset can give amazing results, there’s plenty of smartphone apps out there to quickly add filters.


Waiting for the sun to actually set can often make the best photos, as there’s no glare from the brightness of the sun.

During a really good sunset the sky can be completely transformed, giving off a dramatic lighting effect in the sky.

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