6 things you need to know about the clocks going forward


When do the clocks go forward ?

Evenings get lighter and the weather starts to get warmer as we head towards summer.

The UK clocks go forward son Sunday 25th March at 1am, which means all clocks will go forward an hour to 2am.

Do I need to change the time on my smartphone ? 

Most smartphones will do this automatically so there’s no need to alter your phones time when you wake up the following morning.

Check if your iPhone date & time settings are set to change automatically.

When was clocks changing introduced ?

William Willett campaigned for the changing of the clocks and published a pamphlet, called the Waste of Daylight, in 1907.

The Summer Time Act of 1916 was quickly passed by Parliament and the first day of British Summer Time was 21 May 1916.

Why ?

It was argued that such a scheme could reduce domestic coal consumption and increase the supplies available for manufacturing and the war effort during the First World War.

How light does it get ?

In the UK, the maximum 16 hours and 50 minutes of sunlight occurs on the longest day in June (the summer solstice) and dwindles to just seven hours and 40 minutes six months later in December (the winter solstice).

Should we ditch the clock changing ?

Some argue yes, some argue no. Peoples arguments for ditching the clock changing is that when it gets darker in the winter its more unsafe for children to travel home from school.

And the later rising sun during British Summer Time means its harder for the nations farmers to get fresh produce on the shelves of supermarkets as they need lighter conditions to do their jobs.

The arguments for keeping the clock changes is that during the summer it is said to reduce traffic accidents as their is more daylight and visibility.

The golf industry say the extra hours means an extra £240m a year in revenue as theres more time spent out on the courses.

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