What will the weather be like during the start of spring on Merseyside ?


This week will see a brief return to milder weather as temperatures will reach double figures by Thursday.

But as spring progresses and the easter break approcahes colder conditions will return with northern areas of the UK seeing more snow.

Temperatures will remain cold and there will be further risks of overnight frost and ICE.

Merseyside is expected to see rainfall instead of snow, which will bring windy conditions at times.

Showers could be heavy with hail and thunder, but there are also likely to be good spells of sunshine in-between.

Although there will be some unsettled periods of weather, the region will see some drier and brighter interludes.

Towards the middle April, it is possible that we could start to see some warmer temperatures, less cold nights, and it may become drier generally.

Met Office spokeswoman Nicola Maxey said: “There is a great deal of uncertainty in the forecast for Easter weekend at the moment, but what we’re looking at is temperatures slightly below average – about three or four degrees below average – and some rainfall coming through.

“Because it’s slightly colder as we’ve got cold air coming through from the north, [the rain] is likely to fall as snow in the north.”

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