Merseyside warned of snow and ice as freezing temperatures WILL return


The freezing air from the east is set to return over the weekend resulting in a drop in temperatures, snow and ICE.

Temperatures on Merseyside won’t get any higher than 2C on Sunday and with winds gusting at around 40mph, the weather will feel closer to -7C at times.

Large parts of the UK has been issued severe weather warnings for snow and ICE through Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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The Met Office has now placed Merseyside on a yellow severe weather warning for snow and ICE through the whole of Sunday.

This could lead to travel problems on trains and at Airports due to snow and could lead to the increased risk of accidents due to ICE.

Merseyside’s greatest chances of seeing snow will be during the early hours of Sunday when temperatures will be at the coldest.

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The Met Office say: “Not all places will see snow showers but where they do occur they may be organised into bands, resulting in locally 3 to 6 cm accumulating.

“Some melting of lying snow is expected during the middle of the day.

“There is a lower likelihood that more widespread falls of 5 to 10 cm may affect parts of the region, with 10 to 20 cm on hills. Ice and significant wind chill will be further hazards”.

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