Beast from the East will return to Merseyside this weekend bringing back colder temperatures


Just as we thought we had seen the last of the wintry weather and freezing temperatures, the beast from the east will bite back.

Colder air from Russia is set to send temperatures plummeting this weekend according to forecasters.

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As we get used to the milder weather early this week the weekend will feel like winter has returned.

Although the forecast is still a few days off, early indications show that Sunday won’t see temperatures above 4C on Merseyside, and the freezing air will make it feel closer to -4C at times.

The cold weather will continue into next week which could mean a return of snow for some places in the UK.

Forecaster Katie Greening, of The Weather Channel, said the jet stream had plunged southwards dragging low pressure cells of wet and windy weather over western Europe before high pressure takes control.

She added: “With the jet stream over southern Europe, this allows pressure to build over northern Europe and in turn, cold air to the north is able to pour into Europe.

“This is due to an area of high pressure strengthening over Scandinavia, returning the easterly flow of cold, Russian air, which caused disruptive snow in Britain recently.

“On Saturday, a second branch of the jet stream reverses over northern Europe as a Scandinavian ridge develops.

“During this time, temperatures are expected to dive on Saturday as a strong Scandinavian ridge builds and a brisk, cold easterly wind arrives over the UK.

“Maximum values in northern Europe are forecast to decrease sharply at the end of this week, decreasing to well below normal over the weekend.”

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