Amazing footage shows HUGE icicles on Wirral footpath

This breathtaking video show icicles melting on Wirral footpath.

The footage was filmed by David Sejrup and was posted to YouTube as the beast from the east gripped Merseyside last week.

The region saw temperatures dip to -5.2C and temperatures were that cold Merseyrail trains froze and icicles formed on the Wirral Way.

Amazingly the creaking sound of the icicles cracking and slowly melting as temperatures rise can be heard on the video.

Today Wirral saw further wintry conditions as Merseyside woke up to blanket of snow.

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Some schools were shut across Merseyside and there was reported transport disruption on the Merseyrail lines.

The 6:20am train from Ormskirk was stranded when an ‘explosion’ on the line caused power supply problems. Several trains were cancelled but were expected to resume after 10am.

The Met Office expect that the snow will clear by lunchtime and mild temperatures will melt the snow as the day goes on.

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They say: “Some early sleet and mostly hill snow is likely this morning, however it will clear away to the east by midday”.

“It will then be mostly dry for the afternoon, with just a few showers. Maximum temperature 7 °C”.

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