Spring returns as milder weather set to warm Merseyside this week


The big freeze that the UK saw over the past week will now be a thing of the past as the milder weather returns.

Mersesyide froze in -5.2C temperatures last week as snow and ICE gripped the region.

The freezing weather caused problems on the travel network as Merseyrail trains started to freeze in the harsh conditions.

The River Mersey also appeared to partially freeze over as daytime temperatures remained well below freezing through the week.

Merseyside will see a dramatic difference in the temperatures this week as conditions will increase to the high single figures.

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Although temperatures will still be below average at 7C, by the weekend the region could be back into double figures which is normal for March.

The milder weather is thanks to a change in wind direction, which is coming from a more southerly position.

The region will see rain showers and cloudy conditions throughout the week.

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Met Office Chief Meteorologist, Dan Suri, said; “After the severe cold weather and snow we’ve had this week the good news is that temperatures will slowly increase from the south, generally up to around 4 or 5 °C quite widely by the end of the weekend and we could even see up to 9 to 10 °C  in southern areas. It will remain coldest in north as well as the east of the UK and over the deepest snow cover.

“As we head into next week the weather will return to something more typical for the time of year, with any snow showers gradually becoming confined to high ground in northeastern Scotland and the Northern Isles. For most of us southwesterly winds will return and we can expect rain at times.”

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