When will the cold weather end on Merseyside ?


Merseyside has been gripped by freezing temperatures throughout the week, with temperatures dipping to a record low -5.1C.

The freezing weather caused problems on the travel network as Merseyrail announced a reduced service as their trains started to freeze in the harsh conditions and the River Mersey also appeared to partially freeze over.

Temperatures hovered at around -2C for much of the day on Thursday as the region was blasted with strong winds, snow and ICE.

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Arrowe Park Hospital on the Wirral was forced to declare an emergency as ICy conditions lead to a huge water leak on the third floor.

The Met Office also issued Merseyside further weather warnings for wind through Friday morning as the forecaster warned of 70mph winds.

When will it end ?

The cold weather will gradually fizzle out over the weekend and will be replaced by milder air from a more southerly direction.

By next week temperatures will be back up to around 7C and will be a much welcomed change to the weather, the milder spell is set to last through all of next week.

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