Weather forecasters are predicting heavy snow for Merseyside TONIGHT

Storm Emma has arrived and is bringing a lot of severe weather with her as she clashes with the freezing air above the country.

Parts of Scotland and the south west of England have been issued rare red weather warnings, indicating that there is a danger to life to the areas are hit by heavy snow.

Merseyside saw a dusting of snow during Wednesday night when temperatures dipped to a freezing -5.1C.

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Will it snow ?

Merseyside is at risk of snow showers through Thursday, however, it is Friday when the region is at greatest risk of significant snow.

Snow is forecast for the south of the country on Friday, which could affect Merseyside  according to forecasters.

Metoegroup who provide the BBC with their weather forecasts are predicting that Merseyside could see heavy snow during the early hours of Friday morning.

Their forecasts indicate that Merseyside can expect heavy snow during the early hours of 1am to 10am on Friday.

If the forecasts are accurate then Friday morning could see horrible weather conditions across Merseyside as temperatures below freezing could lead to snow and ICE on untreated surfaces.

However, the Met Office forecasts points to most of the snow missing Merseyside, which for us seems to be the most likely outcome.

Merseyside is still under weather warnings for snow and ICE through Friday.

The Met Office say: “Further spells of snow could continue to move north through Friday, with the potential to produce widespread snowfall, accompanied by strong winds – although the winds will tend to ease through the day.

“Amounts of snow are likely to be highly variable. Currently Wales, parts of Southwest England and The Midlands are most likely to have the largest amounts of snow, with the potential for an additional 5-10 cm here.

“This warning has been updated to restrict the warning to just Friday. The warning has also been changed from a combined snow/wind to a snow/ice warning to reflect the increased likelihood of icy stretches forming through Friday evening”.

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