UK will be colder than the north pole but will it snow on Merseyside ?

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Temperatures will be colder than the North Pole this week as the beast from the east grips the UK.

The North Pole and Northern Greenland have been 17-22C above the normal temperatures recently, as the mercury climbed above freezing point during the Polar night for the first time in recorded history.

This means that during the week the UK is expected to be colder than the North Pole.

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There are some risks of snow to parts of the UK and the Met Office have issued severe weather warnings.

The weather will get very cold on Merseyside too, as the mercury will struggle to climb above 0C through the week.

By Wednesday temperatures wont climb above 0C during the day and there could be nightly lows of just -4C, with the weather feeling closer to -8C at times.

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Will it snow on Merseyside ?

Merseyside is at risk from snow early morning on Tuesday as snow showers head in from the east.

The Met Office expect that there is a 80% chance of Merseyside seeing snow during this time.

Merseyside could see further snow showers during the rest of the week, but nothing significant.

However, Friday is looking like the most interesting day for predictions, as there’s a risk of the area seeing heavy snow.

An area of low pressure that will bring severe winds to Portugal will head towards the UK and will clash with the freezing air.

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This will dump a significant amount of snow over the UK Thursday and into Friday and will probably lead to more severe weather warnings for snow being issued.

Merseyside is at risk from receiving this snowfall and according to the latest forecasts this could be around Thursday night and into Friday .

The Met Office said: “Extremely cold with a significant wind chill for most. Frequent snow showers throughout, but also some brighter spells.

“Probably a spell of prolonged snowfall arriving from the south during Friday”.

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