Could my child’s school close due to the cold weather on Merseyside ?


Temperatures will be colder than the North Pole this week as the beast from the east grips the UK.

The weather will get very cold on Merseyside as the mercury will struggle to climb above 0C through the week.

By Wednesday temperatures wont climb above 0C during the day and there could be nightly lows of just -4C, with it feeling closer to -8C at times.

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There are some risks of snow to parts of the UK and the Met Office have issued severe weather warnings.

The Met Office expect that there is a 90% chance of Merseyside seeing snow during Tuesday and even more snow could be on the way during Friday.

There are a number of factors a school will look at when deciding a school closure.

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Classroom temperatures

Where the temperature in a room used for teaching falls significantly below the above standards of 18C, a headteacher/principal should be notified that a warmer room or that extra heating be provided.

If satisfactory arrangements cannot be made to provide adequate heating, consideration should be given to closure.

There are also other factors schools look into when deciding on a closure.

Can they get to school?

In the case of secondary schools in particular, children may have to travel many miles. If transport is impossible, they cannot get there.

Can they get home?

It might be fine in the morning, but if severe weather is expected to prevent a return journey, the school may decide to close.

Is the site safe?

Different schools may take different views on the conditions even if in the same area.

Not all are constructed in the same way for example, one may have a very sloping site that could cause problems in bad weather.

If the site isn’t safe then the school will choose to close.

Can the staff get there?

Often they live a considerable distance from where they work – although whether or not staffing levels are adequate is also a matter for local discretion, other than with very young children, for whom there are legal requirements.

Where can I check ?

When a closure happens, school closures will be announced on local radio.

They also be published on the council’s Wirral View website. Schools will also post a notice on their own websites if they have one.

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