Met Office warns Merseyside of a wintry weekend as more snow and ice warnings issued


The Met Office has issued Merseyside more severe weather warnings for snow and ice over the weekend.

Warnings are in place from 5am – 11am on Sunday when temperatures of just 3C are expected throughout the day.

As a morning weather front crosses the region and hits the colder air, rain will turn to snow and some areas could see some accumulations further inland.

The Met office do point out that the nearer the coast you are the more likely you are to see rain rather than snow.

Winds will also be strong through Sunday, gusting around 45mph meaning it will feel bitterly cold, especially by the coasts. The strong winds will mean temperatures will feel closer to -3C.

Cold temperatures overnight will also mean there’s a risk of Ice, as any untreated surfaces could freeze over.

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A forecaster said: “A band of rain and hill snow is expected to clear eastwards on Saturday night with clearer skies and scattered sleet, snow and hail showers following. 2-5 cm of snow may accumulate above 150 metres with some snow to low levels too, particularly across Northern Ireland and Scotland.

“Showers are likely to fall as rain along western coasts though. Where skies clear after showers, ice is likely to develop on untreated surfaces later in the night”.

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