7 essential items to donate to the homeless that you never thought would be needed


As if it isn’t tough enough for the homeless, at this time of year the drop in temperatures makes it even harder.

We’ve come up with a list of items to donate that you may not have thought about or realise that the homeless need.

Toilet Roll

A simple item that is always needed, from the obvious and to deal with colds and coughs. Essential for those that struggle to make a living.

Bathroom essentials

They’re something we take for granted but items such as shampoo, shower gel and deodorant.

The miniature sizes make it possible for people without shelter to wash in public bathrooms and to keep clean.

Children’s Items

From nappies, babies wipes and clothes, its not just adults that face homelessness.

120,000 children face life on the streets each year in the UK and need the daily essentials to get by.

First Aid Items

First aid items can help with a small injury that someone may pick up while sleeping rough.

Underwear & Socks

Usually clothes are the first thought to donate but sometimes fresh underwear and socks get missed.

Underwear and socks for children are always needed at this time of year.


Donating blankets especially during the colder months is one of the most needed essentials.

Whether they’re used for comfort or keeping warm they are much needed for those that cant find somewhere warm.

Old Mobile phone

If you’re having a clear out and you come across an old mobile phone, why not top it up and hand it to someone who may need to phone a homeless shelter or family.

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