The worst place to live in the UK during the winter months has been revealed


Digital Marketing company Aira worked with Drayton and ranked parts of the UK for average temperature, rain days, sunshine and frost to see who really has the most reason to complain during our winter months.

They wanted to see what the average winter looks like in different parts of the UK by using the last 50 years of Met Office data.

Northern parts of the UK were revealed to get more rain, colder temperatures and less sunlight than those living in the north.

The data showed that cities like Edinburgh and Aberdeen in Scotland East have the COLDEST and FROSTIEST winters seeing an average of 44 days of frost – that’s 18 days more than places like Cardiff.

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Winter TEMP

Cities like London and Brighton are the SUNNIEST seeing almost an hour more sunshine a day than places like Inverness.

Places like Inverness in Scotland North have the RAINIEST and DARKEST winters, seeing over 8 weeks of rainy days during winter. That’s almost a month more rain than cities like Norwich.

The data also revealed that the average the UK sees 33 days of frost, 44 days of rain and under 2 hours of clear sunshine a day during winter.


Locally Liverpool had on average 32 out of 90 days of frost and 147 hours of sunshine over 90 days.

Liverpool’s average temperatures was revealed to be at 3.9C and had 46 out of 90 days of rainfall over the last 50 years.

According to the data it seems as if the further north you are the worst of weather and less sunlight you are going to get compared to the south.

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