Will it snow on Merseyside this week ?


The Met Office warn that temperatures will dip as cold air rushes in over the country, this will mean freezing temperatures with a risk of snow and ICE.

Will it snow on Merseyside ?

The region has now been told to expect snow from 8pm Monday to 10am Wednesday.

Snow is more likely on Tuesday morning on Merseyside as a weather front will collide with the freezing air sitting above the country.

The Met Office have given Merseyside an 80% chance of seeing snow at around 8am on Tuesday.

They have warned that transport disruption is possible, with longer journey times and delays to public transport during this time.

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 What else can we expect ?

It isn’t just snow that the region has been warned to expect, ice will also be a threat as temperatures dip below freezing.

As temperatures drop untreated surfaces could freeze over leading to icy conditions.

What do the Met Office say ?

Chief forecaster Frank Saunders said: “We’re in for a cold week ahead with freezing conditions overnight and a little snow for many parts of the UK at some point.

“On Tuesday night we could see temperatures as low as -11°C. There are a number of national severe weather warnings in place and we would urge everyone to stay up to date with the latest forecast.”

How long will the cold last ?

Although the colder weather, temperatures are set increase as the weekend approaches.

By Saturday temperatures will be in the high single figures, however, this could be short lived as colder air again returns into next week.

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