Merseyside hit by rare meteorological phenomenon this morning


Merseyside was hit by a rare meteorological phenomenon, as a squall line moved over the region during the early hours of this morning.

A squall line is an intense thin line of heavy rain and strong winds, which can form ahead of a cold weather front.

The line of severe weather can sometimes lead to frequent lightning, tornadoes and waterspouts, it moved over the area around 5am, with more rainfall falling behind the line of wet weather.

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The event was due to storm Georgina hitting the country overnight, which will continue to bring strong winds and heavy rain throughout Wednesday.

The Met Office say: “A wet and windy start to Wednesday, with a band of rain, heavy at times, and accompanied by gusty and squally winds, moves quickly southeastwards, clearing mid-morning. Sunny spells and some heavy showers will follow into the afternoon. Staying windy”

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