Merseyside could see another named storm as 60mph winds are set to batter the region


Merseyside could see the 6th named storm of the season this week, as 60mph winds are predicted to batter the region.

An area of low pressure is set to make its way across the atlantic on Tuesday bringing strong winds and heavy rain.

The worst of the winds from potential storm Fionn are set to batter Merseyside throughout Wednesday, when the region could see gusts of 60mph.

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Winds that strong would mean a naming of a storm and severe weather warnings, bringing the risk of heavy rain, large coastal waves and some travel disruption.

The Met Office say: “Windy and cold throughout, with sunny spells and wintry showers on Wednesday.

“Some stormy weather potentially crossing all parts overnight, followed by further wintry showers on Thursday and Friday”.

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