Met Office warn Merseyside of freezing fog as the region is placed on a severe weather warning


The Met Office has issued a yellow severe weather warning for thick fog.

Low visibility is expected across the region, with the worst of the fog is expected overnight on Wednesday and into Thursday.

It’s set to be another cold night on Merseyside too, with temperatures dropping right down to 1C, making it a bitterly cold foggy start to Thursday.

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A forecaster at the Met Office said: “Fog patches are likely to form during the early part of Wednesday evening, becoming more widespread overnight with the visibility falling below 100 metres in places.

“Fog will thin slowly later on Thursday morning, although some patches may persist into the afternoon in the west of the warning area”.

“It will stay dry overnight, but temperatures will fall under clear spells, with a frost for many. Freezing fog patches will also form across the region.

“Fog will be slow to clear through the day, perhaps lingering in some places. Where the fog does clear, it will be a dry day with bright spells”.

The Met OFfice warning is in place from 7pm on Wednbesday to 11am on Thursday.

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