Wirral Coastguard called out to rescue 5 people in just 24 hours that were cut off by the tide in New Brighton

North Bank New Brighton. CREDIT: Wirral Coastguard

Wirral Coastguard were called out to two separate incidents involving people cut off by the tide, in just 24 hours.

On Saturday three people and a number of dogs were caught out by the incoming tide at North bank in New Brighton.

Luckily, as the team arrived on scene, the people were wading back across and were met by a Coastguard Rescue Officer who gave safety advice.

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And on Sunday the coastguard were again called out to people cut off by the tide in exactly the same place.

As the team arrived on scene, they observed two people chest deep in water carrying their dogs above their heads making their way back to shore.

The two people and their dogs managed to make their way back to shore with their dogs.

However they managed to avoid the Coastguard Rescue Team and carried on along the beach so unfortunately safety advice was not able to be given.

New Brighton Lifeboat was tasked however their assistance was not required.

The Coastguard said on their facebook page: “This the the 2nd incident in 2 days of people and their dogs being cut off by the tide on North Bank in New Brighton!”

“If you are thinking of taking your dog for a walk on the beach, unfortunately it’s not as simple as being able to go at any time safely!

“We strongly recommend that before you set off, you check the tide times so you don’t get caught out like the people have over the last 2 days!”

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