UK issued amber severe weather warning for SNOW, but will it snow on Merseyside ?


Parts of the UK have been issued amber weather warnings for snow during the early hours of Friday morning.

Heavy snow is forecast for areas around Bradford and Burnley on Friday, as heavy rain will collide with the cold air sitting above the UK, turning to snow.

Accumulations of 5-10 cm are likely in these areas, with up to 15 cm possible over higher ground, this could lead to further travel disruption and hazardous driving conditions.

The Met Office say: “A spell of heavy snow is likely over parts of northern England on Friday morning.

“Travel delays on roads are likely, stranding some vehicles and passengers.

“Some delays and cancellations to rail and air travel are likely. There is a possibility that some rural communities could become temporarily cut off. Power cuts may also occur”.

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Will it snow on Merseyside ?

There are currently no snow weather warnings in place for Merseyside, as most of the snow is expected to fall further inland.

The most Merseyside could see is hail, sleet and rain, however, there is a yellow warning in place for ICE, as over night rain could freeze as temperatures drop.

A forecaster at the Met Office said: “A band of rain is expected to push northeastwards across England on Friday morning and for an hour or two, after the rain begins, it is possible that rain may fall onto previously frozen surfaces leading to ice.

“Ice is less likely to form in built-up areas of larger cities”.

Although the cold weather, temperatures are expected to recover nicely over the next few days and by the weekend the region will see the return of double figure temperatures.

As 2018 gets off to a start winds are expected to pick up as the Jet Stream shifts position, this will drive weather fronts across the Atlantic containing strong winds and heavy rain.

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