Merseyside set to freeze AGAIN after the region enjoys a mild Christmas


Merseyside enjoyed a mild but damp Christmas Day this year, as temperatures reached double figures, with some areas seeing heavy rain.

However, mild theme is set to end by tonight, with temperatures dipping back down to the low single figures as winds from the arctic sweep the UK.

With the ground still wet from the days rain, this could freeze over creating some icy patches overnight.

The Met Office has therefore issued the region a yellow severe weather for ICE from 4pm Wednesday to 11am Thursday.

The Met Office say: “Earlier rain, sleet and snow across eastern England will clear late on Wednesday afternoon with icy patches expected to readily develop through the evening on untreated surfaces.

“Melting snow across central and southern England on Wednesday afternoon will also lead to some icy patches redeveloping overnight.

“Scattered wintry showers will also affect western areas which may wash off previously treated surfaces. 1-2 cm of snow may accumulate above around 200 metres where showers do fall”.

By Friday overnight temperatures could dip well below freezing, meaning the the threat of more ICE and weather warnings.

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