How to see and track santa in real time on Christmas Eve


On Christmas Eve Google will track Santa’s Christmas journey across the world and the ISS will provide children the the opportunity of ‘spotting santa’.

Million’s of people across 600 countries will log on to see where Santa is delivering presents.

You can track santa’s location via google on Christmas Eve here.

Also Christmas Eve the International Space Station will pass above Merseyside, which can be an exciting watch for children waiting for Christmas Day, if skies stay clear.

You will be able to spot Santa at 7:20pm on Christmas Eve.

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The weather over Christmas looks to be mostly cloudy, but mild theme is expected to continue throughout most of the Christmas period.

Christmas Eve will be another cloudy day with temperatures around 11C, there will be the chance of a few showers too, but over all the weather wont feel as cold as last week.

On a mobile device ?. Scroll down to see the LIVE weather and tomorrows weather for Merseyside.

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