What will the weather be like this Christmas on Merseyside ?


A week after the country was gripped by freezing temperatures and snow the weather has warmed up slightly on Merseyside, but will this continue or will it get colder in time for the big day ?

A good deal of dry weather is expected across the country through this coming week and in the run up to Christmas, although some rain is likely at times.

Christmas Eve

It looks as if the cloudy but mild theme is expected to continue throughout most of the Christmas period.

Christmas Eve will be another cloudy day with temperatures around 11C, there will be the chance of a few showers too, but over all the weather wont feel as cold as last week.

Christmas Day

Similar to Christmas Eve, but there is a chance of more brighter spells throughout the day, although there’s a further risk of some showers at times.

Temperatures will again be in the double figures, so it will feel milder than last week, making it perfect for a Christmas Day walk.

Boxing Day

Another cloudy day with the sunshine finding it hard to make an appearance.

Temperatures will feel slightly colder than over the last two days and will be back into the single figures mark.

On Merseyside the temperatures will be around 6C, however, the wind chill will make it feel closer to 2C, so it will be quite a chilly Boxing Day.

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“The nights could still be chilly and travellers may need to watch out for some fog at the start of the week.

“As for Christmas itself, well it’s still a week away but the early signs are that most of us will have a green Christmas rather than a white one and there’ll be some rain around. That said there may be some wintry showers in the north.”

Some media outlets have predicted that Storm Dylan will hit over Christmas, however, the Met Office have said that its too early to tell if a storm will affect the UK, or even be named.

A forecaster said: “There have been some headlines about the possibility of a named storm affecting the UK after Christmas.

“At the moment it’s too early to say this, but the general trend is one of the weather becoming more changeable with spells of wind and rain around. Obviously we’ll keep you updated as the details become clearer in the next few days”.

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