Will Merseyside have a white Christmas ?


Merseyside saw snow recently, as pole air sent temperatures plummeting, but will this return in time for Christmas ?.

Unfortunatley forecasters say this won’t happen for Merseyside this Christmas, as the country is currently under milder air.

This is because winds are coming across from the atlantic, bringing warmer, windier and wetter weather.

Forecasters expect that temperatures will be slightly above average for the time of year, meaning that the Christmas period is more likely to see temperatures around 10C, with a mix of wind rain and some brighter spells at times.

The Met Office say: “In the run up to Christmas it is most probable that the UK should see temperatures return near to or above average for the time of year, with a north-south split developing.

“In northern parts of the UK the weather is likely to be changeable with strong winds and rain or showers; as well as drier, brighter interludes”.

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