UK has its coldest night of the year as temperatures plunge lower than Moscow

Liverpool in the cold weather Credit Sefik Akkurt

The Met Office said it was the UK’s coldest night since the night of 13/14 February 2016, when temperatures plummeted to -14.1C in Braemar.

Clear skies and polar air meant that temperatures plunged to -13C, colder than Moscow in Russia which only managed -6C.

Hundreds of schools remain shut across the country as the cold air makes it impossible for ground snow to melt.

Parts of Merseyside have been on a yellow warning for ice as the cold air froze roads and pavements this morning.

There were several crashes on Merseyside’s roads due to the freezing weather, however, temperatures are set to warm up overnight, when the mercury will rise to 7C, making it a milder night.

Temperatures will hold in the high single figures for the rest of the week and by Monday could even recover back into double figures.

This is due to a change in wind direction, instead of winds coming down from the arctic, our weather will come across from the Atlantic, which means, wetter, windier and milder temperatures.

Although, it is going to be a windy week, with winds topping 40mph at times, so the wind chill will make the weather feel colder during any gusts, especially near the coasts.

With the milder weather means the threat of ice and more weather warnings for snow disappears, so snow lovers may be disappointed over the next week or so.

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