Merseyside shivers on one of the coldest nights of the year but there is some good news

Liverpool shivers in -5C temps. Credit: Sefik Akkurt

Merseyside froze on one of the coldest nights of the year for the region last night.

Temperatures dipped to -5C across the region as polar air continues to hold its grip over the country.

The weather was that cold that ice formed any many parts and the region was still under a Met office weather warning for ice this morning.

A forecaster at the Met Office warned: “Where snow has fallen through Sunday icy stretches are likely to form quite widely with some temporary melting of snow and then refreezing overnight.

“Some further icy stretches are likely in parts of south Wales and southwest England where roads remain wet from overnight rain and seepage”.

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However, it’s not all bad news, after another freezing day on Tuesday the weather is looking to warm up slightly.

From Wednesday and right through until the weekend temperatures are to recover from freezing to around 8C, making the weather slightly more bearable.

This is due to a change in wind direction, instead of winds coming down from the arctic, our weather will come across from the Atlantic, which means, wetter, windier and milder temperatures.

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Although, it is going to be a windy week, with winds topping 40mph at times, so the wind chill will make the weather feel colder during any gusts, especially near the coasts.

With the milder weather means the threat of ice and more weather warnings for snow disappears, so snow lovers may be disappointed over the next week or so.

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