Here’s why not all of Merseyside saw snow today

Neston snow. CREDIT: Richard Turner

Merseyside was forecast heavy snow through Sunday, which caused the Met Office to issue the region Amber weather warnings.

But many people across the region woke up to none at all, with some places on Wirral waking up to quite a bit of snow.

Last night forecasters were predicting that not everywhere would see snow and here’s why.

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What happened ?

The weather front heading across the atlantic containing rain, which would clash with colder air turning to snow, was forecast to just miss Merseyside last night.

The Met Office updated the warning and moved it to cover further south, confirming that the worst of the snow was due to hit south of Merseyside.

Why was the forecast wrong ?

For some areas, especially Wirral the forecast wasn’t wrong, however, forecasters find it very hard to pin point exactly how much snow will fall in one location.

This as the geography of an area depends on whether you will see snow or not, for example, the welsh mountains blocking snow and coastal areas.

And living near the coast, which a lot of us do on Merseyside, is one of the reasons why the region hardly sees snow.

This is because the moisture in the air that is required to form snow is actually warmer coming off the sea than when is is further in-land.

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