Will it snow on Merseyside and how long will it last ?

Heswall by Andrew Roe

Storm Caroline is expected to drag in colder air from the Arctic as it passes, which WILL bring a risk of snow to parts of the UK and Merseyside this week.

The Met Office have placed Merseyside on a severe weather warning for snow and ICE, as any rain could turn to snow in the freezing temperatures during Friday and into Saturday.

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How long will it last ?

The sleet or snow is expected to pepper areas of Merseyside throughout most of Friday, with a risk of some to lower levels.

2-5cm of snow could fall across the region through Friday, which could lead to travel delays, with 10-20cm predicted to fall over higher ground.

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How Cold will it get ?

Daytime temperatures on Friday will stay at just 2C and with the breezy weather it will feel closer to -4C.

This will make it a very cold day across the region and perfect conditions for any rain to turn to snowfall over the area.

Is there more on the way ?

Interestingly forecasters are saying that there could be even more snow on the way.

On Sunday another weather front will track across the Atlantic and with the UK still sitting under cold air, any rain will again turn to snow.

The weather front will contain a lot more rain than on Friday, so where areas do see snow, it could be heavy in places.

What do the Met Office say ?

Steve Ramsdale, forecaster at the Met Office also said: “As Storm Caroline moves away from the UK later on Thursday and through Friday it will allow winds from the northwest to spread across the UK bringing much colder air.

“With the return of air from a northwesterly direction – with its origins in the Arctic – snow showers will become increasingly frequent and heavy across northern Scotland during Thursday evening.”

“During winter weather which brings snow showers, it is not uncommon for snow amounts to vary considerably across short distances.

“On Friday and Saturday, the snow showers could lead to snow accumulations which vary markedly across the warning area”.

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