What will the weather be like through December on Merseyside ?


With slightly milder weather present for the first week of December, colder weather will return as we head towards the second week of the new month.

The UK will be subject to a cold arctic airflow by Friday, bringing plenty of sunny spells but also some hail and snow showers.

However, wintry showers will be most likely over northern facing hills in Scotland, Wales and the southwest, but at times becoming widespread, meaning a risk of seeing sleet or snow to areas of Merseyside.

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There’s also the risk of strong winds, with gales in exposed coasts in the north, which could result in another named storm, it will be feeling very cold in the wind.

We will also see a widespread increase in overnight frost and ice due to the introduction of colder air.

There are signs that slower-moving, blocked weather patterns will return with more settled but still cold weather dominating as we head into the second half of the month.

This is likely to bring a mixture of colder, drier periods and shorter lived milder, wetter, windier interludes.

Snow is likely at times especially in more northern and central areas and as its too early to accurately predict where this will fall, there’s still hopes of a white christmas yet.

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