How long will the cold weather last on Merseyside ?


Polar air has been in charge of our weather over the last week, resulting in freezing temperatures and bitterly cold winds.

Temperatures have dipped below freezing at times and some areas of the country have seen heavy snowfall.

How long will it last ?

The weather is expected to revover into double figures by the weekend, making the wather feel a bit more bareable.

Merseyside will see milder temperatures of around 11C, which will last into next week.

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However, forecasters are saying by the end of next week that the colder weather could return, bringing the risk of more ICE and snow.

The Met Office say: “Staying mainly cloudy with a few bright spells possible.

“Outbreaks of light rain or drizzle likely at times. Milder than of late, with a lower risk of overnight frosts”.

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