Will it snow on Merseyside this week ?


The east of England have been issued snow and ICE warnings as snow has been forecast to fall today.

Freezing polar temperatures are to blame for the warnings, as rain hits the cold air it turns to snow.

Snow did start to fall this morning and was reported in Newcastle, Hull and even London, as many people took to social media to report the white stuff.

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Will it snow on Merseyside ?

No snow is forecast on Merseyside, as the snow is staying close to eastern UK as rain hits the colder air.

Although it is cold enough to snow across the region, no rain is is expected to fall near the area, so there is non expected.

Ground temperatures only need to be 2C for it snow, busting the myth that it needs to be 0C for the white stuff to appear.

Temperatures are forecast to dip as low as 1C tonight, but as skies will remain clear Merseyside will not be waking up to a dusting of snow tomorrow morning.

Temperatures are expected to recover into double figures by the weekend, making the weather feel a bit more bearable.

The Met Office say: “Cold and clear for many, with a widespread sharp frost developing once again.

“Still the risk of the odd wintry shower across eastern hills. Minimum temperature -4 °C”.

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