Freezing below average temperatures could last until the end of the year, say forecasters


The freezing weather that has gripped the UK over the last week will be here until at least mid December.

And it could even last until the rest of the year according to some forecasters.

Temperatures will be below average for the time of year through December, which means daytime temperatures will hardly see above 5C and nighttime temperatures will be below freezing.

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Weather patterns will become stuck as the Jet Stream sinks further south, allowing polar air to continue to dominate our weather over the next few weeks.

This means that some areas including Merseyside could see snow, sleet and hail through the month, bringing a good chance of somewhere in the UK seeing snow on Christmas Day.

The Met Office say: “During December it looks likely that the cold conditions may persist across the United Kingdom, with a generally blocked and slow-moving weather pattern, which brings more uncertainty than normal into the forecast.

“We are likely to see a mixture of sunshine and showers for many, with the showers turning increasingly wintry, mainly over the hills, but not exclusively.

“Temperatures will probably be below the average through to mid-December”.

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