Everything you need to know about driving in ICY weather


With the cold weather gripping the country this week theres a risk of ICE in some areas.

There has already been crashes across Merseyside due to severe weather and difficult driving conditions, so here’s some tips about driving in ICY conditions.


Clear any snow on the roof of the vehicle before you drive off. It can slip down over the windscreen and obscure your view.


It’s not always obvious that the road is icy. Look for clues such as ice on the pavement or on your windscreen, before you start your journey.

If your tyres are making virtually no noise on the road it could be a sign that you’re driving on ice.


Don’t brake – it will just lock up your wheels and you’ll skid further.


In severe cold or snowy conditions, look out for winter service vehicles spreading salt or using snow ploughs.

They’ll have flashing amber beacons and will be travelling at slower speeds – around 40mph.

Stay well back because salt or spray is thrown across the road. Don’t overtake unless it is safe to do so – there may be uncleared snow on the road ahead.

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